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I thought that maybe if I closed my eyes hard enough and if I wished and listened closely that I would see and hear you again. I thought maybe I could forever capture the way you would smile when you starred at me. Maybe see those lines form against the side of your lips. I thought maybe I could memorize the way you said my name…the sound of your laugher. I thought maybe I could see those little wrinkles on the side of your eyes again, from squinting them so much from laughter. I could hear your giggling echoing in my head.—Over and over and over again. I thought maybe if I closed my eyes long enough I could reunite with you. I could leave this place and be with you. When I close my eyes nothing hurts anymore because I have you. I thought maybe if I closed my eyes hard enough, things would get better.

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the funny thing is i took this picture because of how long my hair looked. two days later i chopped it all off. lolz.


by Perhaluk Roma

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Fear is the heart of love.💕

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The truth is, blessings that come without bruises and victories that come without a limp as a souvenir won’t be particularly sweet or memorable. Granted, there is a lingering soreness inherent in a night of wrestling. It’s true that long after the night is over, the slightest movement may trigger a familiar pain. But with the wince of the wound comes the visceral reminder of blessedness.

Jonathan Martin - Prototype
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My deepest belief is that to live as if we’re dying can set us free. Dying people teach you to pay attention and to forgive and not to sweat the small things.

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Anonymous asked: i've been thinking about becoming a vegan because of my weight issues. i've been a vegetarian for a long while so i kinda know what it feels like. i just wanna know how you got started and where you found out what to eat and what not to? please get back to me

i also started off as a vegetarian and then converted to veganism. to be honest, i found out what to eat just through doing a lot of research on the computer. there is a lot to learn about being vegan. - even to this day i find out more and more things. you have to be careful with code names especially in the ingredients of food. for instance, gelatin, which is crushed animal bones and can be found in foods like marshmallows, jello, gummy bears…etc. PETA’s website has lists of ingredients you should be cautious of and can suggest certain brands to eat. In most chain grocery stores they do have a section with things filled with vegan choices. i suggest you ask your local stores. 

Anonymous asked: fear is the heart of love?

yes! (:

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Anonymous asked: Stay strong you beautiful human. We're always, always here for you x

you are the best. <3

Title: I Will Follow You into the Dark Artist: Death Cab For Cutie 509 plays

getting a lyric from this song tattooed on me next weekend. if you can guess it, ill give you a hug.